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About the forum


The annual international road forum «DORKOMEXPO» is held in Moscow for the 20th time with the support of specialized committees of the State Duma, the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District, the Government of Moscow, the Federal Road Agency and industrial associations and unions.

Sections of thematical expositions:

  • Road and transport Construction and Improverment;
  • Road Construction and Communal Machinery and Equipment.

Participants of the forum:

  • factories-producers and suppliers of the road-construction and communal machinery and equipment;
  • producers and suppliers of the rolling stock, equipment and automobile machinery for the city passenger transport;
  • producers and suppliers of materials, constructions and equipment for the road construction and maintenance;
  • construction companies;
  • transport companies;
  • project and engineering companies;
  • trade houses;
  • scientific-research institutes, higher education establishments, educational centers;
  • branch associations and unions;
  • banks, leasing and insurance companies;
  • Ministries and Departments;
  • industry-based mass-media.

Attendees of the forum:

  • representatives of the federal, regional and municipal legislative and executive governmental bodies;
  • directors and specialists from the industry-based Ministries and Departments;
  • directors and specialists from factories-producers and companies-suppliers of the road construction and communal machinery;
  • directors and specialists from factories-producers and suppliers of the rolling stock, equipment, automobile machinery for the passenger and automobile transport;
  • directors and specialists from the project, construction, exploitation, engineering and leasing companies;
  • directors and specialists from the road and communal services;
  • directors and specialists from the automotive enterprises;
  • representatives of the national and foreign industry-based associations and unions, scientific-research and educational establishments, specialized mass-media;
  • banking and insurance representatives.

Forum tasks:

  • contribution to the cooperation in the sphere of innovative technologies and equipment which are required for the road complex of the country;
  • demonstration of diversion of products which are collected in the united exhibition area;
  • promotion of the national and foreign producers and suppliers-exhibitors of the forum on the Russian market  for increasing buyers` demand;
  • to be an effective platform for professional communication of leaders and specialists of the industry, for strengthening business relations, signing contracts.

Road-traffic safety exhibition of equipment and technologies «Safety roads» will be held in collaboration with «DORKOMEXPO».