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International Forum «DORKOMEXPO-2011» was held on 11 – 14 April 2011 in Moscow, at "Gostiniy Dvor" Exhibition Hall and Red Square (open space for the machinery demonstration).

- The Manufacturers of the road Construction Machinery Union
- “Ecological technologies”, LLC.

Official support:
• Authorized representative of the RF President in the Central Federal District
G. S. Poltavchenko;
• Government of Moscow;
• Regional Development Ministry;
• Federal road agency (Rosavtodor);
• Federal agency for special construction;
• 5 sectoral associations and unities.

Under the patronage of:
• Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation

The general sponsor
“Cominvest-AKMT”, JSC

Over a number of years «DORKOMEXPO» is the significant event in a road construction field.
The Forum deals with the following missions:
- firstly, contributes to production promotion of foreign and national producers and suppliers at the Russian market, increase in demand and sales, demonstrating the diversity of products, which are gathered in the one exhibition space;
- secondly, presents innovative technologies, materials, constructions and equipment for road building and maintenance, objects of municipal improvement, which are required for the road complex of the country;
- thirdly, the Forum is the effective platform for professional communication of leaders and specialists of the industry, for strengthening business relations, signing contracts.

More than 200 enterprises and organizations participated in the exhibition, presented their production and services over 11 000 sq.m. At exhibition stands were presented modern technologies in road construction and maintenance; wide range of natural polymer materials, chemical additives for bituminous materials; constructions for road and transport infrastructure; traffic management facilities; materials and equipment for road marking; light and technical equipment for highways and streets; street design and territory improvement products.
On the Red Square and in the "Gostiniy Dvor" Complex the exhibitors placed more than 800 units of road and municipal equipment.
Within the framework of the Forum the following educational events were held:
- The Conference «Experience of using up-to-date technologies, materials and equipment in the road industry», the organizer – «The Manufacturers of the road Construction Machinery Union», the moderator – A. Sidorenko, the deputy minister of transport and public road system in Sverdlovskiy region.
At the conference were considered issues on technological and organizational implementation of innovative developments into construction materials and road machinery manufacturing production. The market review of several types of road machinery for 2010 was presented;
- The Conference «Bridge construction – is the crucial part of the country’s transport infrastructure modernization program», the organizer – AMOST Foundation (Association of bridge engineers), the moderator - S. Mozalev, the executive officer of Association of bridgebuilders in Russia, the secretary of the Russian National Group IABSE.
At the conference were considered issues on innovative technologies in bridgebuilding, implementing the modern forms of project financing by means of the system of private-public partnership.
- The Seminar «The role of traffic management facilities for providing safety on roads» articulated on the problem of up-to-date technical means implementation, the organizer - «Dorkontrol» company.
- The Seminar «GLONASS: opportunities and prospects of applying in the sphere of road and municipal industry» was dedicated to analysis of the experience of introducing special purpose program solution on the base of GLONASS technology for optimal using of vehicle park, control under fixed-route task execution, which includes the using of photo- and videoregistration. The organizer - Fora solutions company, with the participation of «Russian navigation technologies», JSC.
- The Seminar «Geosynthetical materials – innovations in road construction» was organized by the Association of geosynthetical materials Producers. At the seminar was analyses the experience of applying geosynthetical materials for improving the quality and prolongation of durability of road surface, as well as their economical efficiency.
Within the frame of the Forum several product presentations were held.
The events of the educational program were visited by 6740 specialists in road and bridge industry, Housing and Public Utilities, building sphere, road and municipal machinery manufacturing from 29 Russian regions, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, France. 70% of attendants were heads of ministries, enterprises and organizations.
It is indispensable to mark the advanced dynamics in trading and business contacts at «DORKOMEXPO-2011», and that is an indicative of Russian road industry gradual rallying after the crisis.
The following, XV road construction and city maintenance forum “DORKOMEXPO” will be held on April 16 – 19, 2012.