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XVIII International forum of equipment and technologies for construction and maintenance of road and transport infrastructure «DORKOMEXPO-2015» was held on March 31 – April 2, 2015 in Moscow, with the support of the State Duma, the Moscow Government, the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport, Trade and Industry Ministry of the Russian Federation, with the participation industry associations and unions.

Forum organizers:

  • Self-regulated organization Non-commercial partnership of “Producers of wheeled vehicles, self-propelled machinery and road-construction equipment SPETSAVTOPROM”
  • “Ecological technologies”, LLC.

Partners of a forum

  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ROSDORNII"
  • Union of machine builders;
  • Intergovernmental board of road builders, CIS countries.

Forum sponsor:

“Profit Bank”, JSC
For many years “DORKOMEXPO” has been the significant event in the road industry, successful business area for demonstration of new materials, equipment and machinery for road construction and maintenance.

The forum fulfils the following tasks:

  • helps to promote native and foreign manufacturers and distributors, the exhibitors of the forum, to the Russian market, helps to increase purchase requirement;
  • helps to form an “order” for new technologies development which are necessary for the road industry of the country;
  • creates an effective platform for communication of the professionals, business strengthening, signing mutually beneficial contracts.

Within the frameworks of “DORKOMEXPO-2015” the following expositions were formed:

  • Road construction and maintenance;
  • Road and construction machinery; road and operation machinery
  • Municipal machinery and equipment.

Simultaneously with the forum, organizers held the international exhibition of equipment and technologies for traffic safety “SafetyRoadsExpo” and the conference on safety traffic.

At VDNH products and services of organizations-participants were represented at 5,500 sq.m exhibition space. In spite of the crisis in the industry machinery of national and foreign production for road and communal services was traditionally represented at the exhibition. 24 Russian plants-producers demonstrated the family of national road-construction, road-exploitation and communal machinery and equipment, among them: LLC «Agromashholding, CJSC «Becema», LLC «Merkator holding», «JSC «Elevatormelmash», LLC «Smolmash», JSC «Kurgandormash», LLC «Aggregate plant Kolokshanskiy», CJSC «Kominvest-AKMT», LLC «Commercial automobiles Gruppa GAZ», PAO «Machine construction plant n.a. M.I.Kalinin», Lipetsk plant of  small communal machines, Mtsensk plant of communal machinery construction, CJSC «PK «Yaroslavich», CJSC «Infrastructure project» and others. Component and spare parts for special machinery were presented by the Turkish company Kozmaksan Limited Company and LLC «ZapchastSnabServis».

French-Belgium machinery construction consortium uniting 7 plants represented professional machinery for communal facilities and city redevelopment.

LLC «Penzkompressormash» demonstrated compressor filling modules MKZ (AGNKS) which are applied for filling transport vehicles with compressed natural gas.

Road laboratories were represebted by such companies as GK «SDT», Saratov scientific-production center «ROSDORTEKH».

On stands the companies demonstrated progressive technologies of construction and maintenance of road & transport objects, natural, polymer materials, chemical additives for asphalt-concrete, constructions for objects of road-transport infrastructure (Russian-German Joint Venture Company «Avtoban», АО «Association «Ingeokom», JSC «Mogilevkhimvolokno», GK «Strod Service», JSC Prodmash Plant», LLC «Standartpark», LLC PK «Geoprom», АО «Orenburg minerals», Ural plant of deicing materials and others).

Materials for road redevelopment, technologies of organization and safety of road traffic were represented by LLC «Fencing systems»  (Belorussia), CJSC «Tochinvest», CJSC «Plant Tumenremdormash», LLC «RIK», LLC «Signal-Servis», LLC «Arsenal 67», LLC «Trafitek» and others.

The focal points of scientific-business program were the 2nd All-Russian congress of machine builders «Innovative strategy of transport and special machinery development» (March 31, organizers: Department of transport and special machinery construction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, SRO NP «SPETSAVTOPROM», Committee for the Bureau CS of the Union of machine builders of Russia on tractor, agricultural, logging, communal and road construction machinery building), as well as international conference «Actual questions of technical regulation in the public road system» (March 2, organizer FGBU «ROSDORNII»).

The congress was dedicated to development perspectives of road-construction and communal machinery construction. Among participants of the plenary meeting of the congress were representatives of the Transport and special machinery department of the Ministry of Industry and trade of Russia: head of department of road-construction and communal machinery S.E. Silantyev, chief specialist-expert of department of special machinery construction S.V. Chertoryzhskiy, director of Information analysis center for the Ministry of Industry and Trade R.B. Lyadov, Vice-president of  LLC «KKU «Concern «Tractor plants», Vice-chairman of the branch committee of the Union of Machine-builders of Russia Союза N.U. Partasova, Vice-president of SRO NP «SPETSAVTOPROM» U.A. Schemchyshin, Director General of SRO NP «Interregional union of machine builders «Soyuzdorstroy» L.A. Khvoinskiy. Speakers highlighted up-to-dateness and vital need of measures undertaken by the Government on support of the Russian producers of road-construction and communal machinery, expressed themselves in favor of total ban of import of used machinery and singled out the necessity of urgent measures on subsidized rates for enterprises for realization of educational programs, training of specialists and research and advanced development.

Within the framework of the conference organizers held several round table discussions: «Development perspectives of special machinery inner market. Safeguard measures taken by the Government in support of the national producer» and «Modern solutions in use of gas-engine fuel for automobile passenger transport, road and communal machinery». The reports were made by: Deputy Director General of the Concern «Tractor plants» V.V. Chetverikov, head of department «Road construction machines» MADI GTU G.V. Kustarev, Chief of laboratory FGBU «GOSNIKI» V.S. Gerasimov, Research Officer of FGBU «GOSNIKI» V.I. Ignatov, Executive Director on project development CNG LLC «Russian machines» P.S. Zolotarev, Chief Specialist of LLC «Agromashholding» A.R. Kulchitskiy.

Summarizing the results of the meeting public authorities will receive a compellation from the branch machine builders with an offer of concrete measures of cooperation aiming at production of competitive national road and communal machinery.

At the conference of ROSDORNII «Acute questions of technical regulation within road facilities» the following speakers made reports: Executive secretary of the Technical committee «Road facilities» I.A. Galaktionov, Head of department of technical policy and methodic support in realization of investment projects of GK «Avtodor» U.A. Ryumin, Chief engineer of the Leading office of public roads of Orenburg region V.A. Kalabugin, Head of marketing department of CJSC «Institute «Stroyproekt» O.A. Kaschenko, Director General of JSC  «SNPC «ROSDORTEKH» A.A. Bagdasaryan, Director General of АО «OrgSintezResurs» V.U. Leontyev, technical and commercial consultant in the field of infrastructure of the Russia Federation NAUE GmbH & Co. KG D.M. Antonovskiy, President of Union of arbitrators, President of court A.V. Kravstov.

On April 1 organizers held the traditional conference on road traffic safety, the plenary meeting was led by the following speakers: Deputy Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region U.V. Felde, Deputy Head of Department of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs O.E. Ponaryin, Deputy Director General of the Federal Treasury Institution «Federal Target Program Management office «Road traffic safety improvement in 2013 – 2020" A.P. Shemelyn, Deputy Director of the State public institution Center of road traffic organization of the Government of Moscow A.S. Polyakov, Head of the Front office of Intergovernmental board of road builders in CIS-countries B.B. Karimov.

Within the framework of the conference employees of the Federal Treasury Institution Scientific-research center of traffic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia held the round-table discussion on a topic: «Psychophysical deviations of drivers who caused road traffic collisions» which excited a great interest of the audience.

Representatives of the Main Directorate on road traffic safety provision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport, producers of equipment, service workshops balanced interim accounts of implementation of the tachography system in Russia during the round table discussion which was held within the framework of the conference.

147 enterprises and organizations represented their developments and production at the forum exposition. The forum and exhibitions were visited by more than 3366 directors and specialists of the branch companies, scientific and research institutes, universities, ministries and departments from 62 regions of Russia and 23 countries.

Members of organizing committee of the forum express cordial gratitude to participants and guests of the forum.

Next XIX international forum “DORKOMEXPO-2016” will be held in March 30 – April 1, 2016 in a modern exhibition hall of Moscow – in pavilion 75 VDNH.