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To the exhibitors of the international forum

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the road and transport complex of Moscow region I welcome the exhibitors, guests and organizers of the international forum “DORKOMEXPO”!

Road and transport complex is the most important of the economics of Russia. Active road construction stimulates investment, economic, business and social work in the regions of Russia helps to increase the level of people mobility. That is why in the Governor’s program of Moscow region medium-term development “Our Moscow region. Development priorities” road construction and landscape are given focus attention. In 2016 the construction of the Central ring road will be started. The road will not only improve ecological situation in Moscow and in the Moscow region cities as it will relieve Moscow ring road (MKAD) and federal roads of traffic but also creates jobs for thousands people, will promote an intensive increase of new materials, constructions, machinery and equipment manufacture.
The road forum “Dorkomexpo” where new samples of materials, equipment and machinery for construction and maintenance of the road and transport infrastructure are demonstrated makes its contribution on the process of innovations implementation every year. During many years the forum is an effective ground for professional communication of the specialists in road industry, their experience exchange and also it is the basis for effective cooperation. 

I wish the organizers, exhibitors and visitors effective work, success in their plans realization!